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The Gift of Reconciliation

Hello Islander Catholics!

With it being the season of Lent, during mass I've heard the priests say more and more often how important it is to go to Reconciliation (Confession). The reason why they've been saying this is because during Lent, we are supposed to be growing closer to God. And how are we supposed to get closer to Him, when the sins of our past are still weighing us down?

There are many reasons people don't go to Reconciliation. Some don't go because they're ashamed or embarrassed, or they are afraid that the priest will look at them differently and judge them because of what they've done. These are all normal human reactions because the truth is is that Reconciliation can be scary, especially if you do not go very often. But the more you go, the more you'll begin to feel comfortable, and the less intimidating and scary it will seem. If you are being held back from going because you are afraid the priest will look at you differently, you are far from right. More often than not, the priest will forget your sins simply because they have many other important things to do than to remember what you confessed to them. Even if you really do feel uncomfortable confessing face to face, the church gives us the wonderful option to remain anonymous behind a screen, which many people prefer.

God gave us the sacrament of Reconciliation as a way of us "coming home" to Him. Reconciliation is not meant for us to feel ashamed or unworthy, but rather loved - because our slate is wiped clean, because of God's mercy and healing peace that He bestows upon us when we receive this sacrament.

If you are wanting to go to Reconciliation at the Newman Center, confessions are available thirty minutes prior to every Islander Catholic mass and we have also added a new time during Lent which is every Friday from 3pm - 4pm, with open Adoration from 12PM (noon) until 4PM. What are you waiting for? Come home!

God Bless,


Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 2, 2015) we have our Catholicism 101 course on Reconciliation at the Newman Center. Join Msgr. Roger Smith as we discuss this beautiful and healing Sacrament. Hope to see you there!
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