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The Beauty in Purity

Hi everyone!

Last Wednesday I attended Pasta with the Priest with Father David Bayardo where everyone wrote on a piece of paper a question they had and had it answered while still remaining anonymous. One question in particular caught my attention, not because I’d never heard it been asked before, but because I had always wanted to hear the answer come straight from a priest. The question was: “Why is it so important to save yourself for marriage?”

It’s not uncommon to hear the response from young adults to be something along the lines of, “well you never know if you’re going to like the car unless you give it a test drive” or people claiming¬†that they need to have sex to see if they’re “compatible”. Unfortunately this mindset is becoming more and more common due to the our culture thinking that sex before marriage is the social norm and almost like a right of passage into adulthood. Father David told us to look at saving yourself for marriage as something to work for, like a reward, rather than neglecting yourself of something. God didn’t intend for sex to strictly be for producing children but also as a way for a couple to join two lives into one. It seems as though our culture has lost sight at the true meaning of love and fills that void with sex instead which I believe is one of the main reasons that the divorce rate today is 50%…but it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you and your partner agree to save yourselves before marriage you’re not only helping to save their soul and leading them closer to God but you’re also saying that you treasure and honor them and are willing to wait, because you love them for who they are. Although it is extremely difficult to remain pure now a days, it is not impossible. I ask for my young adults to not be afraid or ashamed to speak up, to profess your faith on this matter, and for the married couples who are reading this – to set a good example of what a Christian family should be like, and to pray for our youth to be strong in times of weakness, and that we may be granted the wisdom to see the beauty in remaining pure until marriage.

God Bless,


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