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“Spring Cleaning”

Hello wonderful people!

Sunday at Mass, Deacon Fred Castillo gave the homily and said several things that really struck me. He began his homily by saying that now is the time for “spring cleaning”. What he meant by this, is that NOW is the time, especially during the season of lent, to get rid of anything in your life that is holding you back and preventing you from getting closer to God. Often times, many college students tend to think that their friends, their job, or their significant other is the most important thing in their life. In our culture its hard to not think like this because our society tells us everyday what “should” be most important. Because society is constantly telling us this, we need to be always be aware of how our friends and our choices are impacting our lives as to whether or not these people and things are leading us closer to God.

If you have already done this and have realized that these things are not bringing you closer to God, remove them from your life. If it’s a friend or significant other that you need to remove and you’re worried about hurting their feeling or them out casting you from your group, there’s no need to be afraid. The odds are that is they’re making you do negative things and not helping you grow as a person and one closer to God, they were never a true friend or person who genuinely cares for your well-being.

If it’s alcohol, drugs or pornography that is holding you back and enslaving you to it’s power, the best thing you can do is realize what from your life is missing that’s making you fill that void with something that won’t truly satisfy you and instead fill the void with God’s graces and abounding love and mercy He has for us.

Don’t just read this and say to yourself, “I want to cleanse my life but next week is Spring Break so the week after I’ll start working my way closer to God.”. NOW is the time to get closer to Him and build that relationship that He wants to have with you. You will always find a reason to postpone the growth in your faith but I can guarantee you that whatever those reasons or excuses are, none of them match up or are even worthy of a comparison to the love God has for us. Stop depriving yourself of His love and let him in, you won’t be disappointed.

God Bless,


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