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Random Acts of Kindness

Hello beautiful people!

Last night at mass, Father John McHugh told us before he left to keep the faith, but then he quickly corrected himself and said spread the faith, rather than keep it. Pope Francis is really pushing this mentality, to evangelize and constantly reach out to those who are spiritually disconnected.

A lot of the time, people think that to do this, you either have to do something along the lines of going on a mission trip to a third-world country or going door to door and spreading God’s word. Although these are good ways to spread God’s love for us and share it with other people, it’s sometimes the little things that impact people the most. Jesus impacted most people not by just talking to them but by purely showing them love and kindness. When I say little things, I mean opening the door for someone or simply complementing them; they don’t have to be grand gestures, although they are appreciated. Instead just simple things that some may take for granted, but for others…it could mean the world to them.

We may not feel we’re making such a difference through these little acts but for someone else who could be deprived of these kind of actions, it could ignite in them a sense of being loved and could cause them to relay that feeling to someone else who could have felt the same things. We should constantly remind ourselves throughout the day to not be so self-centered and get caught up in our daily routine but instead focus on other people and try to help spread God’s love if we see someone is struggling or having a rough day. Because you never know how it much it may mean to them.

God Bless,


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