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Putting God in Your Schedule

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Hello friends,

I would like to devote all of my posts to you as a way to help you keep Christ at the center during the school year. So please refer to my blog posts when in need of motivation during times of struggle to keep your faith on a day to day basis.

Today, I would like to talk to you about taking time for God. I know as a student myself how hard this can be. We as students tend to be very busy people. We have to stay on top of our assignments, quizzes, exams, jobs, and many other responsibilities. We need to realize that God is also a responsibility in our lives and a relationship we need to maintain. When this relationship with God begins to dwindle and fall we start to lose who we are and start to make choices that lead us further away from Him. This leads us to constantly push God to the back burner.

We as humans often think we can busy ourselves with other things such as school, work, friends, and family. The truth is that none of these things can ever fill the void that is left when we do not spend time with God. There is always a longing until we feed this craving. I know that I always make excuses for not coming to Newman Center events. Being busy with school is always my biggest excuse, but whether we are college students or working everyone is busy.  While we would like to say that we are busy, we all know that we make time for things we truly care about. Such as people we enjoy spending time with, going for a shopping spree, and even going out to eat with family and friends, just to name a few. We enjoy doing these things and will make time for them.

There is a joy in God unlike any other, just like the high we get off of doing things we enjoy; God gives this to us an infinite amount of times over. Some of us may not believe that this is true, but this is only because the things we enjoy doing are easy. God is mysterious. To find an unlimited and infinite amount of joy from God we have to work a little harder to pursue Him. This sometimes discourages us from spending time praying to Him and/or doing His will. We often use “being busy” as a way to get around this extra effort.

I would like to provide a tip for you to incorporate God in your busy life as a college student. I often use this and it gives me the satisfaction of doing God’s will every day and it doesn’t take any time at all. Make a daily kindness goal. For example, today I am going to compliment the cashier at the store today; today I am going to buy a meal for one of my friends; today I am going to listen to those around me instead of always trying to speak; today I am going to volunteer my time to XYZ organization. Little things like this really make a difference in your life and others. You’ll feel God working through you every time and it’s so easy to do.

Another tip I would like to recommend for praying is when you’re having a hard time, a stressful time, a happy time, and really any kind of emotion you’re feeling at the moment, give it to God. Just say His name. You don’t even have to make a long dissertation to Him. I don’t know about you, but when I talk to my earthly father, I never say “Earthly Father, I really would like to spend this time to tell you how my day went. Please listen to my cries.” No, I usually will go on telling him all my problems and talking to him like a friend. That is exactly how you can talk to our heavenly father. Treat Him like a friend, when you are mad, yell at Him; when you are sad, cry to Him; when you are happy, laugh with Him. Let God know how you are feeling because no matter what form you are speaking to Him in, all he wants is you to take time to remember Him. Don’t think you don’t have time to pray to Him, even saying his name, will make Him overjoyed.

I hope that this post will help relieve some of your stress about threading God in your busy life. I know that as a college student there are so many things to worry about, believe me, I know, but don’t forget the reason you are here. Don’t forget that God’s will put you here in this great college where you are receiving a life changing opportunity of an education. Try your best to thank Him every day for all the blessings big and small that he has put and constantly keeps placing in your life. Most importantly always remember, through God anything is possible.

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