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Pasta with a Priest

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Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is having a good end of the week! For many of us, the first weeks of classes are the most stressful. New classes to adjust to, tests to study for and there never seems to be enough time to get anything done. It is easy to get caught up in the every day stress, and finding ways to relieve that stress is sometimes difficult. There are many times when I find myself wanting to throw my notes away and it’s only the seventh day of classes… I have found that if you can get away from homework and still actually do something, helps you to really relax.

Well this week at Islander Catholic has been jam packed with something new every day. We had women’s group on Monday led by Amy, movie night on Tuesday and to top it off Pasta with the Priest last night. Women’s group is a great way for us to come together and talk about issues we are facing regarding our faith in today’s world, but also about anything that is bothering us. Movie night on Tuesday was truly just a night to relax and watch “Noah” on our comfy couches! Yesterday though, was hands down my favorite night: Pasta with the Priest.

Father David Bayardo came to the Newman Center prepared for the many questions we had for him concerning the faith and how to live it out (we also learned that his favorite color is green). There was definitely pasta and desert and while we ate questions were written down and given to Father. There were so many questions that I hadn’t thought of, but realized that I wished to. So many great questions were asked and Father David was great at answering them. What I learned was that we just have to go out there and learn about our faith and actually teach it to others. That helps a lot when wanting to find peace within you. Letting God fill your heart gives you that peace we all crave. It’s hard, but just letting Him in is the best thing you can do! Who knew that Pasta with a Priest is the good cure for a bad day?

Last night was much needed; there was great food and wonderful bonding. The Newman will continue having awesome things happening. This coming Monday, February 2nd, men’s group will be meeting, led by Tony. Tuesday Fr. Bayardo will return to kick off our Catholicism 101 series. I am confident we will learn many things about our faith that we did not know! And of course we will have our Islander Catholic night on Wednesday! We need to remember to keep God in our lives no matter how stressful things are; but really, without God life is even more chaotic!

It is the beginning of the semester, I pray you all have a great one and don’t stress out too much. Let God in and work His wonders and things will get easier!

God bless,


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