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Hi guys!

The first week of Lent has come to a close, and it just amazes me how quickly it has gone by here. The Awakening this past weekend is what made things speed up. I’m just going to say again how amazing it was! People were filled with the Holy Spirit and you could feel the love! Now after the retreat, I still see that love and a new-found camaraderie amongst those who attended and most importantly with God. It is just something beautiful and I’m so excited to have everyone experience that transformation. But coming back to Lent, Father Joseph Lopez is doing a Lenten study here at the Newman Center with Islander Catholic, and he began the first day by watching The Passion of Christ. Now this movie always always ALWAYS makes me cry, but somehow I feel that after the experience of the Awakening retreat, watching the second half of it will be a completely new experience.

crucifxI hope everyone, has had that end-of-retreat feeling, if not don’t worry you’ll have plenty of opportunities! It’s a feeling of happiness and just God-centeredness. For me, my problems seem to drift away because God is there and He loves me. So with that feeling, watching The Passion is going to be hard. I want you to imagine the worst pain you’ve ever experienced. Multiply that by an extremely large number, let us start with 1,000. Now imagine that you willingly took on that pain for millions and millions and millions of strangers. I’ve never really put that into perspective, and still truly can’t, but that is how much He loves us. That is just beyond incredible! I don’t think I can really explain how in awe I am this Lent. If you ever want that end-of-retreat feeling, all you have to do is think of that! This Lent should really be a time to grow in our faith. Those who just went on The Awakening retreat and those who’ve been on one, please keep that fire alive. And for those who haven’t gone on a retreat, consider this time to try and get that retreat feeling, because if you can get close to God now, just imagine going on a retreat to aid you in your spiritual growth!!  View this Lent as a time to really try and set your hearts on fire, because God is just amazing!!


God bless!


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