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Honey, I love you

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Hi everyone,

Last night was another Islander Catholic night, and in my opinion it was a pretty fun night! For those who don’t know, during our Wednesday night meetings at the Newman Center, we normally start off with an ice breaker, then go into an activity of some sort and then get to the main topic. We do this to really try and build a sense of community before delving into our talks or whatever it is that we have planned for the main topic. Pretty routine in a way, but it always turns out differently which is pretty awesome.

I’m not one for ice breakers, not at all, but the ice breaker and the activity were, by far, the best parts of the night! We played a game called “Honey I love you.” So to play we all stand in a circle with one person in the middle, the person in the middle then goes to someone standing in the circle and say “Honey I love you, will you please smile?” Well the goal of the person standing in the circle is to reply “Honey I love you, but I just can’t smile” without actually smiling; if the person smiles, they are the ones who go into the circle and try to get someone else to smile. Seems easy, not smiling and saying a phrase, but it is extremely hard! Most of us standing in the circle lost without the middle person saying something! If the middle person looked at you, most of us immediately laughed! Some people, just by how they would talk had many of us laughing so much we messed up the person who was trying hard not to smile. By the time the game ended all of us were smiling from ear to ear. It was nice, because I know when we said “honey I love you…” we really meant that we loved each other as family. So when someone was able to reply without smiling, we gave them props because we knew it took a lot of effort to not laugh!

That icebreaker was a good way to transition into our activity, which was a maze game. We had two people blindfolded and two people who were playing the role of Jesus. The goal of the game was to have the people who were “Jesus” guide the blindfolded person through a maze we set up. The others who weren’t in the game had to make a lot of noise to distract the ones who were walking. Perfect image of how we go through life, trying to follow Jesus while the world keeps throwing things at us to make us go astray. But I think the icebreaker helped with the maze game, because when we were playing we got to hear everyone’s voice. So during the game I think that made it easier for the maze people to hone in on the voice of their “Jesus” guiding them through. Knowing the person and their voice was essential in getting through the game. If you think about it, that can be the key to life; we need to get to know God and His voice to get to the place we are meant to be. And to get to know God, we have to try and talk to Him, try and build a relationship with Him. Maybe we should all try to play “Honey I love you” with God. We are the ones making the circle around Him. When he comes up to us and we hear His voice, we should want to smile and say yes to whatever He is asking us to do because we know He loves us and wants what is best for us.

God bless,


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