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Feeling Grateful

Hello my fellow Islander Catholics and any other readers! This past week some of the officers and I were reminiscing on the times we had with Deacon Alfonso. If you don’t know who Deacon Alfonso was, you truly missed out. Deacon Alfonso Ramirez was one of the most spectacular people I’ve ever met and he was the kind of person that once you met, you would never forget. He did so much for Islander Catholic and although we didn’t have much time with him, he planted seeds at our parish and within the young adults at TAMUCC and around the diocese that will continue to grow and flourish as they already have.

Deacon Alfonso Ramirez | April 12, 1964 - Nov. 2, 2014
Deacon Alfonso Ramirez
April 12, 1964 – Nov. 2, 2014

I owe most of the growth in my faith to this extraordinary man as do many others. Unfortunately, this past fall he lost his battle to pancreatic cancer though he will never be forgotten and continues to live in each of us that he has touched during his life. Last night I attended the 8 PM mass and after communion as I was praying I began to listen to everyone around me singing to “Open the Eyes of my Heart”, I looked around and was surprised by all the people that were at the mass and thought back to when I first started going to mass at the Newman Center and there would only be a maximum of 20 people. At that moment I couldn’t help but think about Deacon Alfonso and how much he accomplished in such a little time and also that through the grace of God we are doing what He sent us here to do.

Before Deacon passed away though, he made sure that Islander Catholic would continue to expand and he hired our wonderful campus minister Amy Barragree. She has also done so much for Islander Catholic and I know that Deacon is extremely proud of all she’s done and the fact that she goes above and beyond all that needs to be done to ensure that the students of Islander Catholic are flourishing in God’s grace.

This past fall we have had more opportunities to volunteer and get active in the diocese than we had ever had before and we are making sure that it continues to stay that way. This brings me to my next point so pay attention all you Islanders and Del Mar students! There is a service opportunity in which we will helping out at St. Paul the Apostles’ 22nd Annual Ethnic Festival  on Saturday, February 14th from 11 AM to 4 PM. As Deacon Alfonso and Amy have worked so hard to plant the seeds in us and have given us the tools necessary to plant seeds in others, it is our responsibility to do so and give back to our community. So if you are interested in volunteering for this event please contact the wonderful Amy Barragree to sing up for a shift and no need to worry about transportation because there will be rides, so no excuses! ;-)

God Bless,

Analese Doherty

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