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Family and Love

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Hi everyone!

As another week is coming to an end let us pause for a moment and just be thankful for our families: biological and chosen. They are there for us all the time, ready to pick us up when we fall. They are amazing even when we think they are not. No one has a perfect family. Today in our society, family isn’t really what it should be. Many are broken, others are just not happy. Sad reality, but we see it all the time.

This past Wednesday we had Deacon Nolte come out and talk to us about family in preparation for the World Meeting of Families this September (this is a gathering to really celebrate family and faith). Something that I never really understood was how to really strengthen your relationships with family and friends, was answered. It was so simple that I couldn’t believe it took me that long to realize the answer. God is the answer. Centering on God, understanding what He has done for us and truly appreciating it, can lead us to the realization that God is the definition of family. Having God in our lives, we have a Father, brother, friend and life. Our relationships built upon living the family life Jesus set up for us is what we all need to strive for. Family isn’t composed of a group of strangers trying to connect, but on those who know one another, have the same views and whom we can genuinely get along with. Family and love are about giving and receiving the gift of love. This is so simple! Yet this can be so hard! We can’t be afraid to love. God is love! You can never go wrong with God!

Just another typical night at the Newman Center. I learned so much! We have so many amazing things planned this semester that will probably be as insightful as this past night. Come and join our family for and see for yourself! Hope to see you all Sunday!



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