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Catholic Podcasts Worth a Listen, Pt. 4

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Podcasts can be a great way to inject a little bit of faith, theology, and culture into your day. With so many options, it can be overwhelming. So, to help, over the next several weeks, we will be giving recommendations and descriptions of some Catholic podcasts worth checking out.

A great option to relax and inspire, especially during the stress of finals is Do Something Beautiful. Leah Darrow, a Catholic writer and speaker, wants to use this podcast to inspire people to, in the words of Mother Teresa, “Do something beautiful for God. Do it with your life. Do it every day. Do it in your own way. But do it!”

Each episode introduces listeners to someone who is doing something beautiful for God in the world today. Let their stories inspire you to find your own way of living and loving for God. On iTunes  On PlayerFM

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