The Newman Center is under the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Corpus Christi, currently presided by Bishop Wm. Michael Mulvey. You can get more information about the Diocese of Corpus Christi on their website,

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  • Giving the Devil His Due and Divine Mercy Sunday 03/22/2018
    Have you heard the joke—the devil walks into a bar...? Probably not, but you might have if you had lived during the fifteenth century. That was the era of the risus paschalis or the Easter Laugh; a time when people made merry at the expense of Satan. Even the homilies at Mass included jokes that […]
  • CCN brings Holy Week Services LIVE from Cathedral 03/22/2018
    The Catholic broadcast ministries of KLUX 89.5-1, CCN Radio 89.5-2 and CCN Video Productions will once again join forces to carry all evenings of Holy Week Liturgies live from Corpus Christi Cathedral, as well as 3 hours of special programming on Good Friday. Any programming available on KLUX 89.5HD-1 will also be available simultaneously online […]
  • Special Scholarship Opportunity Offered Now to Attain Saint Leo University MBA Degree Online  03/22/2018
    Saint Leo University (, a pioneer in online learning, is offering an academic scholarship opportunity for some special students: those who are intent on starting an MBA program this summer, who have the undergraduate grades to prove they can do serious work, and the commitment and discipline to study online all the way through to […]
  • Mission Team serve Vidor, Rockport communities 03/20/2018
    Incarnate Word Academy High School Level Mission Team spent Spring Break serving the Vidor and Rockport communities tarnished by Hurricane Harvey several months ago.
  • Participants petition for Traditional Marriage, life at Rosary Crusade 03/20/2018
    Thirteen adults and seven children attended the Traditional Marriage Rosary Rally held on March 17 at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. The purpose of the prayer rally was to petition God for multiple intentions, especially for our nation, for those who suffer, for sinners, for the dying, for the Catholic Church, for the triumph […]
  • KJT present checks to Bishop Mulvey 03/20/2018
    Representatives Rosalie Bohuslav, president and Ellen Zdansky, state director of the Catholic Union of Texas (KJT) presented Bishop Michael Mulvey with two checks on March 20: one check for the Diocese of Corpus Christi’s Seminary Education Fund and a second check for the Priests and Religious Retirement Fund.

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